Developing new advanced energy service models for Places for People

Developing new advanced energy service models for Places for People

On Thursday the 28th of March, project partners Places for People and Bax & Company met with Emrgnt and Lyv, the competition-winning companies. Set up as an early stage design study, the goal of the competition was to identify the value and practical considerations for setting up advanced energy services in the affordable housing market.

The meeting took place at the DREEAM pilot site in Padiham, where feasibility studies are currently underway to develop the two winners’ innovative solutions that deliver new energy service models. The feasibility studies will be delivered to Places for People by the end of April 2019, and summaries of both will be made available on the DREEAM website.

About the winners

Lyv is an innovative energy service aggregator, a system that can control smart devices in your home and connect to central energy management systems. Lyv develops a total package for the energy system of tomorrow. Smart homes, smart buildings, smart grids and virtual powerplants are all housed in one comprehensive solution. Artificial intelligence makes smart analysis possible and blockchain technology can be used to record when electricity has been used.

Emrgnt offers city authorities, local councils and housing providers a new energy systems solution that uses electrical technologies across generation, storage, heat and electric vehicles, along with other energy efficiency technologies, to reduce asset management costs, increase income, cuts residents’ energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.