Our partners

Chalmers University of Technology

is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg and has developed leading research in the areas of life sciences, materials science, information technology, micro-and nanotechnology, environmental sciences and energy. Chalmers will be the project coordinator of DREEAM. Chalmers has been involved in EU funded research projects since 1989 and is on a continuous basis involved in approximately 200 projects within different EU programmes, mainly the Framework Programmes.

ATER Treviso

is an instrumental public economic bodies of the Veneto Region operating in the public housing sector, with legal personality and organizational, asset and accounting autonomy. In order to meet the needs of the least well-off, ATER Treviso manages the building heritage for social housing within the territory of Treviso. It also works closely with various municipalities of the Province as well as with the Veneto Region through the network of ATER Veneto (ARAV). ATER Treviso manages about 6,000 lodgings to be leased for residential purposes.

Bax & Company (B&C)

is a specialised consultancy firm dedicated to defining and facilitating Open Innovation strategies for large industrial corporations as well as smaller high-tech companies, research institutes and governments. B&C has substantial experience in strategic analysis of business opportunities and one of its main areas of expertise is that of sustainable building, energy efficiency, energy project financing and city planning. B&C is widely experienced in EU collaborative projects in the field of the energy efficiency in residential housing sector.


is an SME providing strategic advice and assistance with fund raising to new energy and clean technology companies, advice to governments and local authorities on developing and financing energy efficiency projects, advice to investment funds on energy efficiency projects and technologies.

European Housing Network (EURHONET)

is a network of 32 public and social housing companies from England, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. Together, the members manage more than 700,000 dwellings with about 1.5 million tenants. Among numerous activities, EURHONET represents the interests of the Social and Public Housing sector towards the development of European policies and programmes by organising targeted campaigns and by lobbying European Institutions.


is a leading expert company in the field of building service engineering. Exeleria professionals have significant experience in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, environment and infrastructure, both in the public and private sector. Exeleria will support the development of the DREEAM approach and inventories of technologies with its practical inputs on the technical implementations.

3C-Precon GmbH

is a specialised consultancy company with focus on the following areas: development of strategies for large-scale enterprise and political authorities in the area of production, storage and distribution of renewable energy; cooperation with housing/industrial companies in the field of generation, storage and using of energy and heat; and cooperation with housing and real-estate companies in the area of the energetic renovation of buildings.

The 1892

is one of the oldest and largest housing cooperatives in Berlin, with a building portfolio of over 6800 units across the city and almost 15,000 members. Their members benefit from corporate profits, as surpluses flow into the environmentally-friendly care of apartments and their entire living environment. Many of the old buildings are also under monument protection. Two of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Schillerpark settlement and the Gartenstadt Falkenberg settlement. The 1892 value social involvement and care about the well-being of younger and older members in their settlements.

Narodowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A. (National Energy Conservation Agency – NAPE)

was created in 1994 as an initiative of Polish Energy Conservation Foundation and Polish Development Bank as the respond to the growing market demand for energy efficient investments in Poland. NAPE is a consulting and engineering company, SME employing 14 people on full-time and around 30 experts on project basis.


provides flexible, cost-effective and integrated software and hardware tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption and costs. The intelligent energy management suite, DEXCell Energy Manager, is cloud-based and hardware-neutral. DEXMA delivers software exclusively through a global network of over 250 partners in 40 countries.

Places for People

are one of the largest property management, development and regeneration companies in the UK. Places for People own or manage over 182,000 homes in a mixture of different tenures and have assets of more than £3 billion. With over 5,100 FTE, Places for People is a unique organisation that provides a diverse range of products and services to create high quality, safe and sustainable communities.

Savills plc.

is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. Savills has an international network of more than 600 offices and associates throughout the Americas, the UK, continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, offering a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients all over the world.


is an energy consultancy firm dedicated to develop, manage and promote efficiency, savings and diversification of energy under a sustainable focus. SinCeO2 holds certifications in the field of Quality and Energy Efficiency. SinCeO2 has extensive experience in conducting energy efficiency projects through the development of different Master Plans as the ADIF 2009-2014 Energy Saving Master Plan and Metro de Madrid Energy Saving Master Plan.


is the national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology and calibration and is co-operating globally with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organizations.

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

is a German research institution that explores and develops models, strategies and instruments to support sustainable development at local, national and international level. Sustainability research at the Wuppertal Institute focuses on ecology and its relation to economy and society. Special emphasis is put on analyzing and supporting technological and social innovations that decouple prosperity of economic growth from the use of natural resources.


is a Swedish software developing SME, with a profile in software for the building industry. The company (about 70 people, annual turnover of about 70MSEK/year) is active in several countries, with the head office based in Malmö, Sweden. The core activities of the company include commercial and research driven development of software for the building, real estate and urban planning sectors. Energy analyses of individual buildings as well as districts can be performed with software products developed within the company such as VIP-Energy and BIM Energy.