Data-driven housing renovation investment planning

Data-driven housing renovation investment planning

On the 31st of January, Bax & Company’s Giulia Rinaldi presented the DREEAM project to key stakeholders and energy efficiency experts at the 1st Workshop on Innovative Methods and Tools to Facilitate the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans.

Giulia presented the project’s approach to upscaling investments in energy efficiency renovation and highlights the important role of upscaling in allowing social housing better access to funding. She outlined how the project applied a “backcasting” approach, where energy efficiency targets are considered the starting point for the development of investment strategies which realistically link the building owners’ financial capacity with the renovation measures to be implemented.

Having applied the tool with housing providers across Europe, the tool has helped to bring decision-making energy efficiency investment to board level:

  • Increased importance and agreed investment in data collection and management
  • Adjusted (often upwards) of renovation investments, due to a better insight in (financial) feasibility
  • Unlocking of better financial conditions (´green´ interest discounts) and national and EU grants

For more information about the event and to see all the presentations, please visit the TIMEPAC 2019 website.