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DREEAM offers selected cities and housing providers an initial analysis of options for energy renovation of their building portfolio. The DREEAM state-of-the-art process can help inform decision-makers on financial, technical and energetic elements of integrated programme development. Candidates are cities and housing providers that manage large portfolios of residential buildings, have identified a group of buildings for renovation and have investment ambitions.

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The service

The objective of the DREEAM service is to provide capacity support, free of charge, to 15 cities or housing providers, to enhance returns on investment in energy efficiency renovations of housing portfolios. The support is divided in two services offered:

  1. Multi-building energy renovation study: A design study to identify the optimal combination of technologies that can deliver the highest energy reduction for a set of buildings (based on the building owners set of economic, technical and social criteria).
  2. Building stock investment strategy: A study outlining alternative renovation plans, which analyses the building stock and designs renovation options and investment planning (based on building characteristics, typical renovation options for building archetypes, cost/benefit results and financing options).

Both data-driven studies are carried out in phases, allowing the city or housing provider to take informed decision about renovation alternatives. The reports are highly visual and concise, integrating technical, energetic and financial aspects allowing informed discussion between relevant decision-makers (CEO, CFO, CTO and COO).


If you’re interested in learning more about the renovation measures applied in the DREEAM project, then have a look at this training material!

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